Wallowing in pain

I saw him wallowing and gnashing his teeth
Like a staggering ship about to capsize

It seems his world was about to end

It’s awful to be alive but better of dead

Life is sometimes unfair to mankind

But who has the right to question the nature

Sometimes it occurs like an event

And sometimes it falls like holocaust

Life is really unpredictable

Sometimes you’re happy and next you’re sad.

What are we gonna do to please the world

Never give up for your rescue is near.



Her life was full of mess

Never know where to start nor where to stop

It became so terrible that she always give up

All she did was to remain the same

Have no place to go nor something new to do

She became too ordinary

Having no peculiarity.

Such is the life of a failure

And she never wanna get up from it.

I was really surprised about all that

But now I understand that

Her life is just a mediocre.

Sign of life and death

Life is green and death is red

When you’re on the level land 

It means you’re alive

When you’re in the valley 

It means death is calling you.

I never reason that before;

But I think I know it all now

I was in the valley, 

All I saw was red

And that means 

Death was calling me

But I escaped the terror 

And doom of death

And now am on the level land

And all I see is Patina.

And then I shout;

Thank God am alive!

Life is more than what you can see physically

I came across these pictures tagged  above title and I reasoned it worth sharing and throwing more light on it. 
This picture marvels me to the extend that I started thinking. Many people do rate people due to their physical appearance but this woman really surprised the world. Love really surpassed all things even disabilities.

With love many people will shook the world. Let’s not think that all hope is lost when things are not going well. This man on the above picture with that woman never imagined in his life that he will be noticed let alone of getting married with such a beautiful woman. 

Let this teach so many of us lesson so that we will think positive all time and make the world a better place. 

Always know that BURSH cares.

One year of blogging

Wow! This is great. So I have been blogging for one good year.
Well, I know very well that my achievement here at this stage is very poor. I planned to be on the high side but uncertainty of life make it this way. I wanted to be one of those great bloggers by now but looking at things now, am still down. I became too busy that I didn’t even have time for myself. School became too tough that I barely come online even on social medias. 

All those challenges won’t stop me from being happy in this my one year in blogosphere. 

I want to use this opportunity to thank all my followers for believing in me and to all those that view, read and comment on my post, I say a very big thank you. Just know that am back and ready to rock you people with posts.

Always know that BURSH cares.


It’s been long I published post last due to busy schedule in school. Am back for now, So watch out for my new Posts.

I truly got encouraged by one article one of my junior secondary school classmate wrote. He titled it ” True situational analysis of life”  There he wrote about how we worked together as friends and classmates and also how possible it was for some of us going further to higher institutions and becoming professionals in different fields. He mentioned of becoming Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Administrators, Teachers, Pilots and e.t.c.

He further mentioned that some are married, some have children and of course; Some are dead. That part reminds me of how our own classmate who was my very own friend died out of illness and so on. He also said that many were confined in psychiatric hospitals for one reason or the other. While some wear rags and eat rotten foods from the waste.

I won’t forget that part he wrote that some are CEO’s, Shareholders and indeed managers of great companies by now, while some are yet to gain admission into Tertiary institutions.

All these write up made me to shed tears because looking into it; he completely said the truth, I mean nothing but the truth. Using myself as a point of contact. It was like life or death while searching for admission into Tertiary institutions. I worked and afterwards I spent all of them in the course of trying to gain admission. It continued of which I almost gave up until I finally made it recently.

One thing I believe in life is that peoples destiny will never be the same no matter how hard we try to mimic or imitate someone’s lifestyle. One thing you have to know is that it’s not where you started that matters but actually where you ended. I failed so many times and still stood up that’s why I can’t be defeated in this race of life. I believe in the future and not only the future but fruitful and greater future. I have met so many people who brag with their levels in school, but I just look at them and either smile or laugh at them. Because they don’t know where I started nor know where am going neither will they know where I will end. 

Brag no more for life is too short. People you belittle today can be your CEO tomorrow. Be careful and be wise. Just believe in your ability like I do believed in mine. I never believe for once that I will remain the way I am now, never! because I believe in short time from now that my life will turn around and many will be defeated and surprised.

Believe in yourself because you’re more than conqueror.

Always remember that BURSH cares.