Primitivity, the way of eradicating high rate of suicide in the Western world.

The time of primitive society is over! Can we return to primitivity ever again? 

There are things which had gone by of which cannot return again. The time when love rule, the time when oneness still exists. It can never be back again. When people act in “I don’t care” way. Selfishness have completely overwhelmed the whole community, no one cares for one another anymore. It is only me and my family, that’s what people talk about. No more me and my community.

Primitive period is the period when society works in accordance with their agreement. No division, no self-centeredness. It was when everyone loves one another and care about someone else problem. During that period, society fought together in other to restore peace and unity. They have rules that limit them from scattering. Everyone had their part to play in the society. It was lovely because no one thought of killing fellow humans for fame or something else.

My opinion here is that bringing back the primitive society will definitely restore peace and oneness in every society no matter the tribe or part of the country. Each country or region have their way of life and I believe that working with unity will reduce high rate of suicide especially in the Western world. Because it seems suicide is more in western world because they lack unity. They are mostly on their own, everyone in their closet. “Go, come back and enters your apartment and that’s all”. No greetings, no conversation, no lasting interaction that can create a room of knowing one another problems in other to support them in solving them.

In African countries, Africans  interacts even with strangers in other to know what they really need. It’s time to break the bondage of “living alone and dying alone”. With that we can reduce or eradicate high rate of suicide in the world.

This post is open to everyone to comment and share their opinions. Thanks 

Always know that BURSH cares. 


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