My findings about Architecture and my Project Defense.

Finally my crucial busy days are over for now. To be in school is not an easy task especially when you find yourself in a course which is time consuming, money consuming and stressful all work together.

I was given  admission when I least expected and that really troubled me because personal financial aid was off the case because I totally consumed all I had because I thought it was all over since my time of expecting admission elapsed with me feeling frustrated. I gave up the hope of getting admitted to school but things turned the other way round. One Friday night, I worked up and picked up my phone and typed my registration number, to my greatest surprise, I was offered admission, I was happy then because it was a dream come true but still I was afraid due to the fact that I finished all I had.

With faith I believed it was my year and with that strong faith, my brothers where able to support me financially and that was how I started. It was like hell because Architecture is the toughest course in my school, it requires all attention, it didn’t allowed me to do anything else. I worked morning and night day after day. From one drawing to another, from one assignment to another, it was not easy. In the course of my 2 years in school many of my course mates withdrew from school due to the fact that they couldn’t bear the stress of architecture. The worst part is that the more you work the more your mentor / supervisor condemns your work and even tear some of them and tag you to REDESIGN. It becomes more hell when you were assigned to bad mentor.

The testimony of my story is that I made it to the 2 years program without thinking of withdrawing from the course.

  • Architecture is survival of the fittest and when you persistently come out successfully, you will surely be on top of the world.

Architect in the making. Arc BURSH.


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