Wallowing in pain

I saw him wallowing and gnashing his teeth
Like a staggering ship about to capsize

It seems his world was about to end

It’s awful to be alive but better of dead

Life is sometimes unfair to mankind

But who has the right to question the nature

Sometimes it occurs like an event

And sometimes it falls like holocaust

Life is really unpredictable

Sometimes you’re happy and next you’re sad.

What are we gonna do to please the world

Never give up for your rescue is near.



Her life was full of mess

Never know where to start nor where to stop

It became so terrible that she always give up

All she did was to remain the same

Have no place to go nor something new to do

She became too ordinary

Having no peculiarity.

Such is the life of a failure

And she never wanna get up from it.

I was really surprised about all that

But now I understand that

Her life is just a mediocre.

Sign of life and death

Life is green and death is red

When you’re on the level land 

It means you’re alive

When you’re in the valley 

It means death is calling you.

I never reason that before;

But I think I know it all now

I was in the valley, 

All I saw was red

And that means 

Death was calling me

But I escaped the terror 

And doom of death

And now am on the level land

And all I see is Patina.

And then I shout;

Thank God am alive!

Where is my glory days?

When I was down and weary

When it seems as if the world was crumbling
I became the laughing stock

No one supported me

For they think that I won’t survive it

It was as if my days were coming to an end

I weeped

I called out

But to no avail

They all turned against me in hatred

I was disgusted to them

I was treated like outcast

I was all alone in this world

I was Criticized so badly.

But when I decided to stand on my feet

I stood fearlessly

Ready to take on anything

I will fight to the end

Until my glory days return.

I Trembled!

When I was walking down through the darkness
Everywhere was very cool

Not knowing where I was going

I could hear a drop of pin

I was so afraid

For I yelled out for help but

I only hear the echo of my voice

Life became so difficult for me

For I had no one to run to

The darkness kept on increasing

Until nothing could be seen

Then I heard a strange voice

Sounding through the darkness

I was totally afraid

For my heart nearly fell off my chest

It was difficult for me to deal with

I became a walking dead

And couldn’t cope with it

I became very sad 

And accompanied with sorrow

I suddenly felt a very cool breeze

As if it was a ghost

Trembleed for I thought it was my end.


You’re the best of all
No one to be compared to you

You possesses all I needed in a woman

You showed me the true meaning of life and love

Your patience is highly appreciated

Your words of encouragements are amazing

Your caring can’t be overpowered

For it’s extremely powerful

You take care of me as though you’re my mother

And you protect me as though you’re my shield

I must never forget that you’re my hero

For you conquer all my doubts

And give me the reason to overcome my fears

You’re the strongest

For your strength is more than that of ten men.

Until now;

I never see a woman as strong as you.

Whenever you’re with me

I become more than conqueror

Because a warrior is beside me.

I will Lovingly hold you tight

For without you

My life will be totally vulnerable and meaningless.

I thought I recognized you before now😖

What a doom I must say

Life seems the other way round

How can I notice this on time

When you act just like a saint

Not knowing you’re a chameleon

So much full of camouflage

And lives in deceitfulness.

You’re truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Taking caution

Wasn’t in my mind at all

Because i thought that you’re plain and genuine

Not knowing how fake untrue you are

What goes up must surely come down

That’s why I adore law of gravity

I thought I was siding the right side

And I thought I recognized you before now. 

But to be honest with you

I don’t Recognize you anymore.

So I have been dealing with an imposter all my life.

I will never be deceived again.