The true meaning of Leadership

People see leadership as being on the throne and letting others do the working. They mistaken leadership to something else of which extortion was their main aim of going into being a leader.

I wondered why people runs from pillar to post, fights and some even went on killing just because they want to be a leader.

Let me open your eyes on this, to be a good leader is equal being a servant. Leadership is all about serving people who elected you as their leader not extorting all they have. It is really obvious in politics, many aspirants during campaigns do promise heaven on earth and even engaged in serious battle with the opposition parties. Why all that since you want to be a leader, what example of leadership have you lead the foundation? most of them splashes money in other to get voted. Let me make this clear to you that those leaders who splashes huge amount of money while campaigning will firstly try to regain their lost before engaging proper in their duty, and while they were fighting to make their gain the time of their tenure elapses without them achieving anything positive before leaving the office.

All these means that we never had good leaders but only Entrepreneurs who invested while campaigning and then starts getting their profits while on sit. 

Be wise and careful while casting your votes for there are many who are wolves in sheep’s clothing.