Wallowing in pain

I saw him wallowing and gnashing his teeth
Like a staggering ship about to capsize

It seems his world was about to end

It’s awful to be alive but better of dead

Life is sometimes unfair to mankind

But who has the right to question the nature

Sometimes it occurs like an event

And sometimes it falls like holocaust

Life is really unpredictable

Sometimes you’re happy and next you’re sad.

What are we gonna do to please the world

Never give up for your rescue is near.


AM SPEECHLESS! I woke up and felt battered, I have nothing to say, I don’t know whether am happy or sad. Will I call it weakness? 

I never feel this way before, even when am sick I do feel strong. I possess two characters at the same time. It seems as if am empty inside of me, what might have gone wrong? Can you figure out what is wrong with me?