Work! Work! Work!

Great rewards lies on

The hands that labour’s for it

When seated and waited for it

You’re wasting your time

For it’s not earned, instead,

It came out of hard work

For hands that labour’s 

Will never go hungry

Get up and work for your today

Work for your tomorrow 

Work for your future and

Work for your generation

Is it bad for you to lay the foundation of success in your family?

For me it’s too good to be bad;

For your labour

Will be remembered

From generation to generation.

So buckle up and make a move

For your future will be brighter.


Where is my glory days?

When I was down and weary

When it seems as if the world was crumbling
I became the laughing stock

No one supported me

For they think that I won’t survive it

It was as if my days were coming to an end

I weeped

I called out

But to no avail

They all turned against me in hatred

I was disgusted to them

I was treated like outcast

I was all alone in this world

I was Criticized so badly.

But when I decided to stand on my feet

I stood fearlessly

Ready to take on anything

I will fight to the end

Until my glory days return.

I Trembled!

When I was walking down through the darkness
Everywhere was very cool

Not knowing where I was going

I could hear a drop of pin

I was so afraid

For I yelled out for help but

I only hear the echo of my voice

Life became so difficult for me

For I had no one to run to

The darkness kept on increasing

Until nothing could be seen

Then I heard a strange voice

Sounding through the darkness

I was totally afraid

For my heart nearly fell off my chest

It was difficult for me to deal with

I became a walking dead

And couldn’t cope with it

I became very sad 

And accompanied with sorrow

I suddenly felt a very cool breeze

As if it was a ghost

Trembleed for I thought it was my end.

How many people have you render your help to?

When last did you show some love to people out there? In fact I really want to know from you all, I mean when did you help someone who is in need?
I asked this question and I really need to get the answer. Many of us has really vowed to remain self-centered. It’s quite obvious that when you limit your way of helping others that’s exactly how people who supposed to help you will automatically limit their help to you. It’s not because they see you doing that but it’s just like that. Remember that nature does its job without making mistakes.

Some people also do think that they’ve it all and therefore, they don’t need help or assistance. It’s hundred percent lie. No one on earth that doesn’t need a help. Even if you have the whole money in the world, it doesn’t matter because monetary issues might not be what you need but something greater than that, or do you think that nothing is greater than money or wealth? If you think so, you’re simply deceiving yourself.

It’s time to show gratitude to God by helping one another. You never can tell maybe through your kindness; you will be recognized and also be blessed beyond your expectations.
Note this! Some people only limit their help to people around them, like their family and friends. You need to render your help both people you know and strangers. Especially to people who you won’t be expecting to return the favour; I mean the less fortunate. The blessing that follows it is really abundant.

Be ready to help and get ready for you blessings.


Hello guys, I want to do something different tonight. I haven’t done this before but I want to do it today. There are many blogs out there that really lack recognition. So they need to be recognized.
Firstly, what you need to do is just to share a link that leads to your blog. Secondly, You will have to check other blogs you see on the comment list. Thirdly, You have to Like their posts, comment on their posts if necessary and then follow their blogs. With that, many blogs will be recognized. Let’s show some love!

My first day as a class teacher and my experience.

Today was kind of hectic because I started my teaching work. Teaching is great and enjoyable, but that’s when it masters you. Another part is teaching children in primary school, because they will frustrate you with noise especially when you’re new in their class.

Today I started with the determination of grooming those students and make them stand out. Though, it won’t be that easy because they’re learning to know me. I tried to make them feel calm by letting them know my aim and where am taking them to in the next few months.

Though, it was difficult at first because the previous teaching wasn’t properly arranged. Even my students lack many writing materials. Even some don’t even have books and pen.

I must tell you that I didn’t prepare for such challenges because i only prepared for the challenges am gonna get while teaching them. I went ahead writing little notes on piece of paper for them to give to their parents or guardians.

I will only try my best to make them better students which is the purpose of my application. My hard work is really needed and that’s exactly what am gonna do starting from tomorrow. Though, many things confused me today just because i didn’t prepare to start teaching today after submitting my CV, qualifications and application letter. Though I applied yesterday but I was surprised to get accepted immediately today. 

First, they gave me work to teach in other to know my capability and I took them by surprise and that was why there was no delay in giving me the job. From tomorrow, I will prove my worth and I will make my employer, parents and guardians commend me on a job well done.

Am glad to have gotten the job and am looking forward to being the best teacher in that school.


F. Favour us like never before

E. Enrich us like never before

E. Bless us like never before

R. Refresh us like never before

U. Uplift us like never before

A. Abundantly establish us like never before

R. Reinforce us like never before

Y. Yield our efforts like never before

 Happy new month to you all.