DO YOU WANT YOUR NAME TO BE REMEMBERED?( These are the tips to keep your name alive from generation to generation)

“Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering.”

You will meet failure and disappointment, these are inevitable steps on the ladder towards where you’re going. Don’t take it personally. These are an opportunity to build character, to pick yourself up and find a better way. Just accept, and learn, grow and adapt, open your mind, and focus again on the vision that inspires your heart. As Eric Hoffer said, “It is often the failure who is the pioneer in new lands, new undertakings, and new forms of expression.”

To become great and successful in this journey of life; you have to face many challenges, of course you can’t fold hands and expect things to fall in your favour; it’s not done that way. Remember that you can’t cheat nature because nature is intelligent and diligent more than you can imagine.

Go out there and compete, be a competitor in any field you may find yourself, Note this! “Uneasy lies on the head that bears the crown”, which means: before you become great; you must work hard in other to deserve the rewards awaiting for you. Leave a legacy that will keep your name rejuvenated from generation to generation. Can Henry Ford’s name be wiped out? Can Nelson Mandela’s name be wiped out? Remember Alexander the great? Do you know how many years his exploit had been recorded till today? If I start mentioning all the great men and women who never fails to work hard, night will come and go. Why can’t you make yourself one of them? Strive harder and I promise you that your name will be more recognized than that of those I mentioned above.

See all your challenges as preparation to greatness, and also see yourself as gold going through fire in other to be refined and become more valuable. Striving hard is the determination of all title contenders, they never give up, even in football match where a team is conceding 5 goals to nothing, they keep on fighting at least to get a consolation goal. You too can do more than that, not only in getting a consolation goal, but to also equalize and even win the title.

I believe in your ability, I believe in your determination; keep on fighting to the end, you will surely be emerged victorious. I will see you on top☝.


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