Work! Work! Work!

Great rewards lies on

The hands that labour’s for it

When seated and waited for it

You’re wasting your time

For it’s not earned, instead,

It came out of hard work

For hands that labour’s 

Will never go hungry

Get up and work for your today

Work for your tomorrow 

Work for your future and

Work for your generation

Is it bad for you to lay the foundation of success in your family?

For me it’s too good to be bad;

For your labour

Will be remembered

From generation to generation.

So buckle up and make a move

For your future will be brighter.


Share your hobbies! (1 min read)

Hello everyone! Am very sure you had lovely weekends. Am so sorry I have been busy all through the weekend that’s why I haven’t written for a while. 

But am back now and this time with different style.

I want us to talk about our hobbies. Why we like them and also the challenges we do face because I believe that some people finds it difficult to enjoy their hobbies because of one reason or the other. So after listing your hobbies, whether it’s one or hundred; you can list them all if you want. Briefly tell us why you like those hobbies and also let us know the things that usually distract or avoid you from enjoying your hobbies. Certainly there will be people who have the same hobbies and they will give you the tips to solve those challenges.

I will start first; I love football with passion, I love playing football and watching it on TV as well, I do play number 7 or 11, the two flanks. Am a Chelsea fan because they play good football, I can leave my food instead of missing any Chelsea match. Football makes me feel happy and engaged, but sometimes stressful especially when am watching Chelsea match, there is tension always because i wouldn’t want us to lose. My challenges on the football aspect is the fact that I do work from Monday till Saturday; Sunday is the only free day I have, therefore I use it to rest and take care of other things which won’t give me the chance for training and practice. Am no more fit on the football aspect because i finds it very difficult to go for training, of course i need help on that!

The second one is cooking; I love cooking because it gives me room to enjoy any kind of food I want and also the way I want it. I also want to be of help to my future wife, whenever she’s not able to prepare the food because of one reason or the other, I will do that myself. My challenges on that is also the time and my work is the major obstacle on that, though my mom and sisters do prepare meals at home. But even if they don’t, work won’t allow me to do so, I want to go back to my cooking habit!

The third is Reading; I love reading anything readable. But mostly those that can help me grow spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. Reading helps me a lot to reduce stress and free my nerves and I love reading always. The same challenges all through, which is time. But time of reading doesn’t affect me much compare to the two above.i can read anytime and anywhere.
Yes!😀 Those are my hobbies, it’s time to share yours. You can make yours brief if you want. Remember that I need advice on how to conquer the challenges of time in other to enjoy my hobbies. You can contribute to help others conquer their challenges too. If you have been successful without challenges on your own hobbies, give others the tips too. 

Thanks for your cooperation! Bursh cares..