Life is more than what you can see physically

I came across these pictures tagged  above title and I reasoned it worth sharing and throwing more light on it. 
This picture marvels me to the extend that I started thinking. Many people do rate people due to their physical appearance but this woman really surprised the world. Love really surpassed all things even disabilities.

With love many people will shook the world. Let’s not think that all hope is lost when things are not going well. This man on the above picture with that woman never imagined in his life that he will be noticed let alone of getting married with such a beautiful woman. 

Let this teach so many of us lesson so that we will think positive all time and make the world a better place. 

Always know that BURSH cares.



You’re the best of all
No one to be compared to you

You possesses all I needed in a woman

You showed me the true meaning of life and love

Your patience is highly appreciated

Your words of encouragements are amazing

Your caring can’t be overpowered

For it’s extremely powerful

You take care of me as though you’re my mother

And you protect me as though you’re my shield

I must never forget that you’re my hero

For you conquer all my doubts

And give me the reason to overcome my fears

You’re the strongest

For your strength is more than that of ten men.

Until now;

I never see a woman as strong as you.

Whenever you’re with me

I become more than conqueror

Because a warrior is beside me.

I will Lovingly hold you tight

For without you

My life will be totally vulnerable and meaningless.

My heart is heavy!

When my eyes are wet

I do call it tears
When my nose is runny

I do know what it feels like

When my head aches

I do call it stress

But when my heart bleeds

I never be in doubts 

That am really missing you.

I can’t live without you

Make haste and come back to me

For my heart is really heavy😖

So anxious to meet you!

When the sunset
I will come for you

My heart really longs for you

We have been away from each other

For a very long time now

I can’t wait to behold your presence

Even your beauty is beyond imagination

Are you sure you’re born of a woman?

Because it seemed like you fall from heaven direct.

I keep wondering

I keep thinking

Of how I can live without you

And to my greatest surprise;

I can’t live without you.

Anyone who tries to come in between us

Will certainly be crushed by my fury.

I will fight for your love

Till the end of my life.

It’s been long I have been noticing you!

It’s been few years now

And still counting.

But wait;

Hope am not mistaken?

How long will I continue like this?

One year or few years more?

Why do I keep on procrastinating this?

Hope I won’t lose you to someone else?

Too many questions

But no answers.

Indeed your beauty is truly 


Shining like morning star,

And glittering like;

Newly refined gold.

Why is it taking me too long to speak?

My feelings for you is;

Completely Immeasurable.

I have decided to Bespoke for your love;

But I hope it’s never too late!💟

Do What You Love, And Love What You Do!

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness. If you’re free and happy, those are wonderful qualities to appreciate in your life, and provide more abundance than any number of possessions.

Doing normal work is one thing and doing the work you love to do is another thing; yes of course, we all want to achieve great and also find great work/job in order to Carter for our needs and that of our families. But remember this! If you happened to find a great and mighty pay work/job without loving it and deriving joy from it; I must tell you that something is wrong somewhere and the thing should be treated strictly before it gets out of hand.

Let’s say for example; you found a job in one renowned company which actually pay you a huge salary. On the other hand, since you started working there, one problem or the other, in fact there was no more joy compare to the day the job was given to you. 

There should be passion in any work you choose to do despite the payment. Not only work or job but in life entirely, make sure you always find yourself doing what gives you joy, because without happiness; life won’t be convenient to live. Sometimes everything is not all about money, let’s not forget that! Your happiness matters a lot. What if everyday you come back from work; you always arrive with sad look and whenever you were asked what the problem is, it always points towards the job, don’t you know that it will also affect the happiness of your family? Of course when you always come back with one complain or the other, what do you expect? 

Let’s always put happiness, peace and joy in consideration whenever we’re looking for job or when we are partaking in one thing or the other. Bear this in mind that work and life without happiness is like living in hell. 

Think great, choose wisely, remember that your happiness is the most priority you should consider in this journey of life. Bursh cares and loves you so much💓

Most stupid things people in love does!(read and be blessed)

Though am not used to writing much long posts like this👇, but I really need to pass the message to the utmost. So be patient and read on; you will never regret for reading this, I promise! Though it’s not that long anyways!

I wonder whether this is love or something else. You claim to be in love with someone while your intention is totally different from your approach.
I have seen many people making the same mistakes all over, this mistakes is mainly common for men/guys, but few ladies also partakes in it.

Few years ago, a guy was invited to a party, during the party, he saw a very beautiful and charming young lady. He concentrated on the lady for the whole day, without doubt,he was keen to meet with her. Unfortunately, the young lady wasn’t alone in that party; for they were many which gave him no chance to meet her. When the party was over and they were about to leave; he started following them until he got the clue of where the lady was coming from, though it wasn’t far from the party venue.

Months passed by, and It happened that when he finally had the opportunity to meet with this particular lady; he didn’t waste time to  start vomiting all he  had in his mind, until he was done, he didn’t allow her to say a word even as she was trying to say something; he continued…. And when he finally landed, she took a deep breath and now it was her turn to speak. She started with a smile(as in a decent girl), she said: I have heard all you said and believe me, your words are really lovely, but; but what? He cut in, she paused and then continued…. I wanted to say this, but, but what? He cut in again with the same method and she paused again, but this time around, she continued, and determined to spit it out without delay; I have a boyfriend! what did you just said? He asked. I said I have a boyfriend; she answered. He started stammering; but… but… but, she cut in too; but what? but you didn’t tell me since and i was here using all my strength to profess my love to you; he answered. She looked at him and nodded her head.

She then replied: when you seemed not to allow me to speak, I then waited for you to land before i speak. At least I showed you some respect that’s why I didn’t walk out on you. He responded; but now with bitterness: do you know how long I have been waiting for you? It’s been over some months now that i have been waiting for this opportunity, (he reminded her the party and narrated how everything went until that moment). He continued… I was hoping to hear something different from what i just heard, but at the end; you disappointed me. She bowed her head, (but not disappointed anyway).

She replied:  Am so sorry about how far you have gone just to get opportunity to speak to me, you should have done that for a very long time, so that you won’t feel bad as you’re feeling right now. It wasn’t my intention to disappoint you, you were the one that sees it as a disappointment from me. I have a boyfriend of whom I love so much, I would have given you a chance, but now; am already in love.

Tears flowed down his cheeks as he wept bitterly. He felt so disappointed and left feeling humiliated.

It was about two weeks later, this time around the guy came with some of his friends to beg the lady to accept him. The guy actually made a deal with his friends that the lady must accept him after his last statements and proposal. He begged her again and again, when it seems the lady won’t change her mind; he went ahead on his knees with many promises to get the whole world for her should if she accepted him. This time around, the lady became so annoyed because the guy refused to accept the fact that she was in a relationship and she loved her boyfriend so much that she can’t leave him for any guy just like that. After some series of begging and arguments, the guy felt more humiliated joined with embarrassment in front of his friends because they started making jest of him. Before he left; he vowed to never give up on her and promised her that he will deal with her mercilessly.

One month later, when the lady was walking down a lonely street, it was about 7:30 pm. On her way, she suddenly felt as if she was being followed, whenever she turned, she won’t see anyone because there were lots of bushes along the street. At a point, group of guys suddenly came out of the bush and lifted her and took her into a nearby bush, covered her face and mouth in order not to scream out. She was shocked to see that particular guy Infront of her when the veil was removed from her face. He said to her: finally you have gotten what you deserved. She begged him but to no avail, he said: then I was the one begging, but now you were the one begging. He went ahead to take advantage of her likewise his friends; she was raped by six guys one after the other, starting from the guy himself.

Few months later, the guy and his friends were arrested and charged for rape, and was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment each.

What a sad end for the guy and his friends, wasn’t it? We all should be very careful of the way we handle things like this, of course it will be very hard for you to see a  single lady or a single guy, it’s quite rare. If you approach a lady and asked her out, if after your struggles to win her over fall through, please let her be and maintain peace and serenity, you will surely find your right partner when the time comes. Let’s not partake in a crime that will end us up in the dungeon. There is no force in love I must say! To love is not what you can decide for someone else. I think we have to learn a lot from this story. 

A word is enough for the wise, anyone who has ear should hear. Let’s save our lives and reputations. Am warned and you too should be warned. 

Like, comment, share and reblog, of course to make the message go viral and save those who are planning to undertake such crime. Am sure with this so many lives and future will be saved. 

Bursh cares and loves you all.