Where is my glory days?

When I was down and weary

When it seems as if the world was crumbling
I became the laughing stock

No one supported me

For they think that I won’t survive it

It was as if my days were coming to an end

I weeped

I called out

But to no avail

They all turned against me in hatred

I was disgusted to them

I was treated like outcast

I was all alone in this world

I was Criticized so badly.

But when I decided to stand on my feet

I stood fearlessly

Ready to take on anything

I will fight to the end

Until my glory days return.


16 thoughts on “Where is my glory days?

  1. I believe everyone should go forward learning from the past & become stronger, saying I can instead of can’t. The negativity is only fuel move me forward even when my vision is blurred you may slow down for caution just, wipe the windshield of life off just keep moving. Giving up is not an option. Fight against things or get rid of others who block your progress, tell them for me if they not gonna help get out the way !!! If they get offended I tell them go to the doctor maybe he got a cure.

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