How many people have you render your help to?

When last did you show some love to people out there? In fact I really want to know from you all, I mean when did you help someone who is in need?
I asked this question and I really need to get the answer. Many of us has really vowed to remain self-centered. It’s quite obvious that when you limit your way of helping others that’s exactly how people who supposed to help you will automatically limit their help to you. It’s not because they see you doing that but it’s just like that. Remember that nature does its job without making mistakes.

Some people also do think that they’ve it all and therefore, they don’t need help or assistance. It’s hundred percent lie. No one on earth that doesn’t need a help. Even if you have the whole money in the world, it doesn’t matter because monetary issues might not be what you need but something greater than that, or do you think that nothing is greater than money or wealth? If you think so, you’re simply deceiving yourself.

It’s time to show gratitude to God by helping one another. You never can tell maybe through your kindness; you will be recognized and also be blessed beyond your expectations.
Note this! Some people only limit their help to people around them, like their family and friends. You need to render your help both people you know and strangers. Especially to people who you won’t be expecting to return the favour; I mean the less fortunate. The blessing that follows it is really abundant.

Be ready to help and get ready for you blessings.


12 thoughts on “How many people have you render your help to?

    1. Wow, and thanks so much for your lovely comments, it means a lot to me, and being an automatic helper means that there is no limitations on your way of helping people. God bless you for that my dear friend and continue doing your good work, I assure you that your reward is abundant and everlasting blessings.

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