My first day as a class teacher and my experience.

Today was kind of hectic because I started my teaching work. Teaching is great and enjoyable, but that’s when it masters you. Another part is teaching children in primary school, because they will frustrate you with noise especially when you’re new in their class.

Today I started with the determination of grooming those students and make them stand out. Though, it won’t be that easy because they’re learning to know me. I tried to make them feel calm by letting them know my aim and where am taking them to in the next few months.

Though, it was difficult at first because the previous teaching wasn’t properly arranged. Even my students lack many writing materials. Even some don’t even have books and pen.

I must tell you that I didn’t prepare for such challenges because i only prepared for the challenges am gonna get while teaching them. I went ahead writing little notes on piece of paper for them to give to their parents or guardians.

I will only try my best to make them better students which is the purpose of my application. My hard work is really needed and that’s exactly what am gonna do starting from tomorrow. Though, many things confused me today just because i didn’t prepare to start teaching today after submitting my CV, qualifications and application letter. Though I applied yesterday but I was surprised to get accepted immediately today. 

First, they gave me work to teach in other to know my capability and I took them by surprise and that was why there was no delay in giving me the job. From tomorrow, I will prove my worth and I will make my employer, parents and guardians commend me on a job well done.

Am glad to have gotten the job and am looking forward to being the best teacher in that school.


12 thoughts on “My first day as a class teacher and my experience.

  1. Congratulations! Being a teacher was my dream job when I was younger but unfortunately I was not born with the brains needed to qualify and tbh it’s probably for the best because if I had to teach one of myself at school I’d most defiantly say things I shouldn’t 🤐
    Hope you enjoy it 🙋🏽📚 xx

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  2. Best of luck in your career. I hope it’s going well so far. The profession needs good (especially) male teachers, who are in it for the long haul. I teach secondary, and I’m thinking of leaving the profession because of its many challenges. I hope it works out well for you.

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