Day(light) And Night(darkness)

I tried to compare light(day) and darkness(night) and I ended up knowing exactly their differences in the human life. 

When it seems that everything has turn against you; when it seems like you are the only unlucky creature on earth. Life becomes a threat, which can lead you to thinking of dying instead of living. When everything is like a trap to you; a single step turns into a disaster. People who loves you decide to act as if they made plans to work against you. You completely feel abandoned and dejected. Let me make it clear to you. That is the sign of being in the darkness am actually talking about. Darkness is not only night but when you started going through tribulations and afflictions, that shows that you are walking in darkness. 

When everything is going as planned without gnashing of teeth and when all your expectations are granted. When everything turns out to your own way in a platter of gold. When life tastes like honey without being ruined with bitterness. It seems as if you’re the only favoured creature on earth. Everyone calls you blessed, adorations and recognitions are being given to you. That shows that you’re walking in the light.

Let me make things clear here. The fact that I made use of the word “darkness” doesn’t mean that those in darkness are sinners, no not at all. Darkness I mean is suffering and challenges which anyone can undergo. I was able to differentiate those two because I have gone through them in one way or the other. 

Those in the light can go through the darkness if measures are not taken. They have to be very careful if not; they will lose that prestige. While those in the darkness can also be transformed into the light through their hard work. 

Do you feel abandoned and dejected? Does it seem as if you’re the most unlucky person on earth? Do you roam in darkness day in day out? There is a lot of hope through your hard work and dedication. Remaining in darkness should never come across your mind but instead, think of being lifted to the light which is known as success. You shall conquer….


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