My recent (not smooth) life!

My life has been filled with many ups and downs lately. You will notice it through me not been able to write posts for a very long time now.

When I traveled i found it very difficult to write a post and I thought that it will end there as soon as I returned, but it was more than I could imagine because many things happened and totally took away my attention from writing. First was my resolution because it tried to overtake my initial activities. Second was my job because I needed to get a job that will suit my new plans because I couldn’t accomplish it with me still working in my previous job. So, many of these things caused a lot of havoc in my life because it wasn’t that easy to cope with those difficult additions and subtractions.

I actually forced myself to write this post because I couldn’t continue like this. My New year Resolution was to improve my writing skills and make my blog grow higher, but am seeing the opposite because the blog was left behind without even giving a single space to exploit.

I also want to use this medium to apologise to all my followers, readers, viewers and all the rest of you who have been reading and expecting my post. And for those who still have hope in me that i will still come back and this time with the best. I will never disappoint you because I will certainly do my greatest best in other to show you gratitude for your kindness. 


4 thoughts on “My recent (not smooth) life!

  1. Life is always a roller coster… Not able to write, well you write because writing is your passion, you don’t do it as a task. So don’t worry you will not disappoint anyone; when you write all relaxed, write from your heart it will for sure reach the hearts of others..

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