I exposed my heart because of you!😖

The first time I saw you

I thought I have seen my love

I followed you to your destination

Without you noticing it

You looked so decent;

For such delights my heart

I vowed to never rest

Until i have you in my life

Everyday, every night…

I went about checking on you

You were so quiet and peaceful

But that was through what my eyes beheld

I finally got hold on you

And poured my heart for you

You reluctantly agreed 

And that blew my heart away…

I thought I have found the one 

I was going to spend the rest of my life with

We fell in love with each other

And it was all great

I was so happy to finally have you in my life

But what happened next?

It was like a dream to me

My eyes deceived me for

I judged by what my eyes beheld

But I never knew that;

You were a wolf in sheep’s clothing

All your decency and gentleness

Were just a camouflage

If at all I continued with you

I would have been dead by now.

Just look at me now

Full of regrets.

And look at my heart

It’s in the state of Exposure

So vulnerable to be destroyed

I have made a life time mistake

And nothing is left in my life.


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