What it takes to be great!

Many people do ask this question almost all the time. And I had sitted to analyse it all and come up with these little but great ways to become great.

                       HARD WORK

Many people will simply say that we all know that, but I wanna let you know that hard work is not only for mouth. Since you have been hearing hard work, hard work; what have you done to prove that you’re working hard? Let me tell you this; for you to work hard, it takes a great effort. Sometimes when you plan to do one thing or the other, you will only end up not doing anything at all because you will see that the zeal you used while suggesting the hard work won’t be there anymore because many things will definitely come across your mind and make you to keep thinking and thinking, by then; the whole determination will disappear. So don’t wait for extra time to start, but start now because earlier the better. Take on everything that seems hard for others to do. Be the type that always use this word: Bring it on…


To be honest with you; it takes a whole heart of determination for someone to accomplish a particular pivoted goal. You might plan to accomplish a particular goal for a particular period of time, but you finds it difficult to even get started, at a point you might get started but at the middle of it; you will totally be weakened because of one thing or the other. Focus and never get carried away especially this new year. If you haven’t started yet, you have to start, don’t wait for another one month because if you keep waiting; you will end up achieving nothing throughout  the whole 365 days of this year.

It is one of the vital ways to get you ready for greatness. Many challenges and obstacles will definitely come your way; but it takes a careful heart to overcome them all. It’s not always the strongest that adapt to greatness but a diligent heart who’s always careful in whatever they plan to undertake. Being careful doesn’t mean that you’re afraid, but it’s for you not to make a mistake. It’s also called second thoughts. Being careful means to consider all aspects before making any steps. Work with carefulness and you shall conquer all.


I always laugh at some people who always say that if they’re always truthful that it makes them vulnerable. But that’s a big lie. Being truthful always can make you to be more respected anywhere you might find yourself. I will use myself as an example because everything about me is being truthful. I hate lying because i don’t know when the lies will turn against me. Never take lies as a priority in your life because it can only destroy you unaware. And it can terminate all your efforts of becoming great and leave no room for you to be sheltered.
                NEVER GIVE UP

This is the most important part of all. No matter how much you fell, remember that it doesn’t matter. What matters is how much you get up and dust your butt. Never allow failure to weigh you down. All these big men of the world fell many times and stands all those times and that’s what made them strong and courageous which labels them as the most successful. You can become one of them, I myself can become one of them, but it’s not by mouth but by fighting all the time in other not to allow failure to bring our spirits down to earth. Your greatness lies on your head. Remember that uneasy lies on the head that bears the crown.


You will make it this year and I will also make it this year. Failure of last year should be a lesson to us this year because I believe that it’s not all we planned to accomplish last year we actually did. Even most of them are still waiting for an accomplishment. So let’s move with Hard work, Determination, Carefulness, Truthfulness, Never give up and so on in other to accomplish our goals this year and as we do so; our expectations shall never be cut off.

Bursh cares and will always😅😇


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