My journey!

Hello friends, do you know why I haven’t been writing since all these while? It’s simply because i embarked on a journey and truly, am completely busy all through.

Well,the place is kind of very cool, in fact everything is damn cool. I involved myself in so many activities; and am having fun as well. But to be honest with you; I have been going from one visitation to the other, I mingled with old friends I left many years ago. I saw different types of masquerades and especially our local one. I haven’t been so much closer to it until today when I went to pay a visit to someone so much important and special to me; then the bike man stopped in front of the masquerade and I was starring at it with so much pleasure, but really it was kind of scary. I involved in a football competition which we came out second. It was cool and full of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Well, am not coming back anytime soon because I still wanna get away from some busy life and work in the city where I live. This might be the only post am gonna write here or I might write more on the long run. 

Just always know that I care and that I will be back to my normal daily writing.


13 thoughts on “My journey!

    1. Wow, thank you so much for the award, I really appreciate it, but really, I don’t usually accept awards and I hope it won’t be an offence to you, am really grateful for the nomination….

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