We Lost Him!

We searched for him

More than a week

Everyone was in grieve

He was a great man

Full of life

He was so diligent in works

He never give up in the race of life

He was full of life and prosperity

He conquered in anything he took on.

We were all searching for him

But he was no where to be found.

One afternoon we were walking by the river side

Still had him in our hearts

We saw a figure on the water

Looked exactly like a human

We went closer to view it clearly


He was the one 

Floating on top of the river

We were so bittered

Never believed what our eyes saw

We struggled to get his lifeless body out of the river

Oh he had decayed for some days

We took him home and buried him

We gave him a befitting burial like a great man he was

Rest in peace bro.

We will meet to path no more.

We mourned his death for so long

He will forever remain in our hearts

The soul of a great man lives on…..


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