Some changes we do make in the journey of life, and some tips to adapt to them!

​“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Being adaptable to change may draw on strength and intelligence, but it demands an open mind above all. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Adaptability is not imitation. It means power of resistance and assimilation.”

Though, it’s not that easy to adapt to anything new in our lives, but still, we need to make an adjustment. “Always know that the most constant thing in this world is change and therefore; we should try our best to never get so weak or complain much about those changes. We do involve in many changes both voluntarily or involuntarily.

These are few changes we normally encounter with, and also the way we can overcome the challenges that attached to them:   


Certainly, it won’t be that easy to adapt to the new apartment, but you have no options but to stick with the whole new environment, neighbours and everything that concerns with the Apartment. Though you might likely find whatever they’re doing uninteresting, but always remember the reason why you left your old apartment, it’s parts of life and it comes naturally because of one pursuit or the other. Therefore, stick to it and try to adjust for your betterment, that new apartment can turn to your lovely paradise in the coming future.


Some people’s worries might be on the new job they secured. Of course, you don’t expect things to remain the way they were during your stay in that precious job. Your new office might not look beautiful like the previous one, what you need to do is to be patient. Remember how hard you worked in other to secure the previous job, but now you just made a little adjustment and you were complaining. Also think of the reasons why you left your previous job; add, multiply, subtract and divide, then you will be sure and see the reasons why you should endure.


This particular change is mainly for students. You might decide to change from your school to new school, you need to think straight here. It might be because of one adjustment or the other. You probably left the school because of the way they handle their lectures and you have not been grabbing their teachings. Remember that, what matters most is the reason why you moved to that school, and the reason is to learn and become a great person in the nearest future. The former school you left might not be as great as the one you changed to, so no matter how different their way of teaching and other things in the departments; since you’re understanding the whole teaching, then be patient because soon or later; you will adapt to the system.


The same thing applies to this case; of course, if you were living in London and decided to move to Paris; do you think they’ll be the same? No it can’t be, so what you need to do is to be calm and try to follow the way they’re doing their own thing. Note this! You can’t change the way people were living in that country in other to suit the way you were living in London, it is you who will adjust yourself in order to adapt to the way of the country.

I remembered when I moved from my state to another state, it wasn’t easy for me because I even fell sick, I suffered from one illness to another; it is called climate change, of course I didn’t go back to where I was coming from because of those illnesses, but it was quite the opposite as I patiently waited and before I knew it; everything began to fall into place. I conquered those fears and challenges with endurance and also with the knowledge of the fact that it won’t last longer than it should be. 

Let us all be ready to adapt to any kind of changes that might come into our lives, always focus on the positive side and never stop yourself from being adaptive to any kind of changes because change is always constant. It is those who have the ability to adapt to changes are the ones who success won’t depart from them, because if this one didn’t work out; they will change to the other one.

Happy new year to you all my great friends.


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