His Crush!

He waited for her

Over an hour.

So curious

To meet with her

He was vigilant

Like an eagle.

He fell in love

From afar.

When he saw a figure

Like that of his crush

He was so excited

For his dream is coming true

When she approached

He was surprised

He said to himself;

When she entered

She was all alone

But what happened!

She was coming out

Walking with a guy.

Oh am foolish

Waiting all these while

It was just in vain

And he exclaimed

Oh I have lost her!


14 thoughts on “His Crush!

    1. That’s lovely, but this one should be called unaware or unrecognised love, it’s because the lady doesn’t know about what the guy was feeling, he was just having crush on her and was planning to let her know about that, but he ended up getting disappointed. She was dating some other guy…..

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      1. Mmm, it shouldn’t be annoying because it won’t be that difficult to write about or even to write 100 words about it, so I might be of help on that, that’s if you want….

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes of course, it won’t exceed that…. Maybe it will if you want it to, but can you tell me the assignment itself so that I will analyze the time it will take to be completed…. I will also help in the research….

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