Tips on how to manage and control ANGER!

Anger is a normal and even good emotion sometimes. But it’s important to deal with it in a positive way. Uncontrollable anger can take a toll on both your health and your relationships. Get it under control.

     Some tips to help you control anger

  1. Leave the scene: In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to say something you will later regret. Take few moments to collect your thoughts. Just walk away especially when it involves a partner or a family member. You will have a better time to talk about it.
  2. Remain silent: Believe me, being mute when you’re angry will help you a lot not to say what you will regret later. It’s been my way of managing and overcoming anger. Whenever I got angry or when am in the bad mood; I barely open my mouth, because i knew what the outcome will be. Even someone who doesn’t know me that way will label it that am rude because I refused to utter a single word while speaking to me in the moment of anger. Though i do apologise to anyone whom I noticed felt that way, but that will be when the anger is no more. So if you use that technique; am sure it will stop you from using your mouth to make the situation worse than what caused the anger. I believe that, when you keep on changing words or arguing during the moment of anger; it will lead to action which may not end well.
  3. Use a mirror: Yes of course, it also helps to kill or manage anger. Stand in front of a mirror and speak to yourself. Make funny gestures. Do something like this: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Repeat it several times and you would be surprised at how your anger flees.
  4. Sing: Play a song and sing along, dance if you like. It will be more effective when you make use of earpiece, so that the song and the beat will be going straight to your head and thereby reducing and even terminate the anger completely from you.
  5. Take a walk/Exercise: Doing exercise can help you burn your feelings. Take a stroll down the street, you can jog on the process or add some more exercises to make you feel free from anger. The worst thing you can do is to stay idle when angry, because it will make you focus your thinking on that event of anger which can end up arousing the whole feelings back. You might do something stupid on the process.
  6. Give yourself a treat: This is not just only when you’re angry. It’s also a way of managing stress. Treat yourself to a relaxation at beach, park, a restaurant or movie. It’s not a waste of resources.

Note this! Anger is so powerful more than we can imagine. If it’s not well taken care of or manage it the right way, I bet you it will bring a lifetime disaster. It can lead to a crime that can end someone up in dungeon/prison for the rest of his/her life. It can also lead to death when it has gotten out of hand without being managed.

Learn and adapt how to manage anger , so that your life will be completed and well secured without problems and bad reputations.

Take care, Bursh cares.😄


6 thoughts on “Tips on how to manage and control ANGER!

  1. Your all points on managing Anger are not theoretical but practical, we need not to regreat having done something that we would have avoided, I like your post, it is absolutely amazing!

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