Words of greatness!

Don’t partake in evil and evil will not take hold on you.

Keep away from wrongdoing and it will leave you alone.

Don’t sow in the furrows of injustice, for fear of reaping it’s harvest sevenfold.

Don’t demand authority from the Lord, nor from the king a seat of honour.

Don’t make yourself out to be a just man before the Lord, nor a wise man in front of the king.

Don’t make yourself a judge, or else you be unable to root out injustice;

And you may be overawed by powerful people, and end up losing your integrity.

Don’t offend the city’s assembly, and don’t disgrace yourself before the people.

Don’t commit the same offence twice; not even for one you will go unpunished.

Pray with a strong spirit and don’t neglect to give alms.

Don’t despise anyone who is downcasted, for there is One☝who brings low and lifts high.

Don’t utter any kind of lie, for nothing good will come of it.

Take my words and make use of it, For it will lead you to safe paths. 


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