SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD!(remember, this post is not only for married people or parents, it’s for everyone)

Some parents really think they’re doing the right thing by ignoring to correct their children. Some end up pampering them in everything forgetting that the way you train them is definitely the way they will grow and live. “Train up your child the way he will go so that when he grows, he will never depart from it”
“A child who is not taught well by his mother will be taught badly outside” which means: A child that is not well brought up will bring shame onto himself and the family.

Remember, if you spare the rod; you will end up spoiling your child, and of course you don’t want such to happen. Though it doesn’t mean that you will have to maltreat or give them injuries, but instead “Scold them in love.” Remember, when you beat a child with left hand, use the right hand to console the child.

Your children are your fortune and when you didn’t manage your fortune the right way; you will end up ruining your fortune. Just be diligent in dealing with your children. Save their lives and their future by leading them the right way, show them love by not allowing them to fall into the wrong hands by not scolding them when you should, don’t allow them to get spoilt because that’s the most love you can give to your children.

Wisdom is really needed to get you going in dealing with your children, apply more wisdom as parents. Remember, the above mentioned applies to both men and women and even bachelors and spinsters, it will teach bachelors and spinsters how they will take care of their upcoming children. it’s for the both parties. Train your children well and your future generations will be in the safe side, because the way you lead them will be the way they will lead their own children and go on to many generations to come.

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4 thoughts on “SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD!(remember, this post is not only for married people or parents, it’s for everyone)

    1. Hahaha, that’s lovely, sometimes we do think that the person who do pampers us is the one that love us more, but in the other hand, that’s why I used the word(SCOLD IN LOVE) Your mother really wanna correct you and that’s lovely, both of them love you, but they see it in different perspectives and I agree with your mom….

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