So so Scary👾

What a scary view!

So so scary,

The night was too dark.

I saw two shining points,

Looked like eyes

But there was no face.

I was scared to draw closer

Knowing not what was that.

I later got courage

And I moved closer

Closer there I went

But was still scared

I couldn’t imagine what could be that

But I wanted to find out myself.

On the process of my approach,

Something prompted me to go back;

But for a reason,

To come back with weapon.

I collected my sharp machete

Then my determination was to kill the creature.

When I returned back to the scene,

I was eager to slay!

But unfortunately to me,

Before I knew what was going on

It Flee away

I was bittered

My mind was like;

What could this be?

I bet you that; 

I knew it not.


6 thoughts on “So so Scary👾

      1. 5th of November 2016, that was when I wrote my 1st poem. I started writing and blogging on the 9th of October 2016 but i was writing only articles then…


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