Lovely Sunday!

Hello guys, I don’t have much to say at the moment, instead; I just wanna know how your Sunday was spent. Hope it wasn’t that stressful? 

For me, my Sunday wanted to get ruined a little bit when I was watching football match between Chelsea football club(my club) and West Bromwich Albion this afternoon. It was a kind of frustrating game of football, our opponents refused to give way to our attackers which was getting on my nerves. But it turned out to become an amazing Sunday when Diego Costa’s individual effort paid off the struggles and the 3 points secured means we are back at the top of the Premier league table. This means that I had a great Sunday; though I didn’t do much after the match, instead, I just had a lovely afternoon sleep afterwards.

So tell us how you spent yours in a brief way, let’s contribute to this conversation; I will be waiting for your comments💓


23 thoughts on “Lovely Sunday!

  1. Wow! So you are my fellow Chelsea fun? Anyway my saturday was enjoyable, I spend it revising for my exam then I visited my friend in the afternoon! All the best as we wait for tommorow

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