Don’t be swayed by every wind, nor try to walk by every path;

As does those who are accustomed to lie and misdeeds.

Remain firm in your convictions, and be consistent in your speech.

Be ready to listen, and be deliberate in answering.

If you know what you’re saying, say it, if not, it is better to say nothing.

Your words can bring you honour and dishonour; 

A man’s tongue can bring about his downfall.

Don’t let yourself be carried away by your desires and power in pursuing the passions of your heart.

Don’t let yourself be known as scandalmonger, nor be called a detractor; 

For shame is the inheritance of the robber, and severe condemnation awaits the liar.

Don’t be part of misdeeds neither in big things nor in small things.

Don’t become an enemy when you should be a friend.

An evil reputation brings you shame and disgrace;

Such is the fate of those who partakes in misdeeds.

Don’t give yourself over to your passions, or else they tear you to pieces like a bull.

They will devour the foliage and destroy the fruits, leaving you like a dry stump.

An evil passion will destroy the one who is held in its power;

It will make such person the laughing stock of their enemies.

Desist from evil passion, and you will save your own life.


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