Compile your Treasure!

Don’t abandon an old friend, for a new one doesn’t have the same value.
New friend is like new wine; let it mature, then you will enjoy it with pleasure.

Don’t envy the success of the one who does misdeeds, for you don’t know what his end will be.

Don’t take pleasure in what pleases the wicked; 

Remember that they will be punished before they die.

Distance yourself from those who have power to kill, by doing so, you will not be hounded by the fear of death.

But if you go with them avoid all offences, for fear that they will deprive you of life. 

Realise that you’re passing through deathtraps, and that you’re walking on top of the wall.

As far as you can, be sociable, and take council with learned people.

Love to speak with the intelligent, and let all your discourses be about doing the right things all the time.

Let just men be your companions.

To surround yourself with great and wise people, is like compiling your Treasure for your great future.


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