Listen to my sayings and you will prevail!(blessings of wisdom)

Dedicate yourself to learning from your youth, and you will grow in wisdom until old age.
Work at it like the ploughman and the sower, and wait for her excellent fruits. 

For in cultivating her you will toil but little, but soon you will enjoy her fruits.

Wisdom is very severe with the undisciplined; a foolish man will not persevere.

She will be like a heavy weight to test him, and he will not delay in casting her aside.

Wisdom is true to her name, she does not reveal herself to everyone.

Listen and receive my words; don’t reject my sayings.

Put your feet into her fetters and her yoke on your neck.

Come to her with all your soul and observe her ways with your strength.

Pursue her, search for her, she will make herself known to you; when you have her, don’t let her go.

In the end you will find the rest she offers, and she will become your joy.

Her fetters will strengthen your steps, and she will become an ornament of gold, and her yoke will be like a glorious garment.

Her yoke will become an ornament of gold and her chains like precious girdles of hyacinth blue. 

You will wear her like a garment of glory, and you will put her on like a crown of jubilation.

If you wish, you will be taught; if you pay attention, you will become clever.

If you love to listen, you will learn; if you really pay attention, you will become wise.

Frequent the Assembly of the elders; if there is a wise man there, attach yourself to him.

Always be willing to listen to all discourses on Divine things, and don’t let the saying of the wise escape you.

If you see an intelligent man, rise at day break to visit him, and let your feet wear out his doorstep.

If I were you, I will embrace Wisdom and cuddle her all the rest of my life.

 You can start seeking for her now that she can be reach, because in your old age, she might not accept you, instead; she will go for young lads.


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