12 great wise words to keep you going and have a happy and better life.

This short but powerful wise words will keep you thinking and reconsider your life.

  1. In every situation consider all aspects and avoid evil, and bring upon yourself no shame.( Be flexible)
  2. There is a shame which leads to misdeed, and there is a shame which merits praise and respect.(which category do you prefer?)
  3. Don’t show partiality and discredit yourself; don’t let shame lead you to your downfall.( Be wise)
  4. Don’t remain silent when it’s necessary to speak; don’t hide your wisdom.( Be zealous)
  5. It is through speech that Wisdom is recognized, and learning through what the tongue utters.(speak up)
  6. Don’t contradict the truth, rather confess your lack of knowledge.(humble yourself)
  7. Have no shame in confessing your misdeeds, and don’t try to stop the flow of a river.(take heed)
  8. Don’t cringe before a foolish man; don’t be influenced by the powerful.(be careful)
  9. Fight for the truth till death, and your days will be long.(truth shall set you free)
  10. Don’t be rash in your speech, nor be lazy and negligent in works.(talk less and work hard)
  11. Don’t be like a lion in your household, nor be one finding fault with everyone.(be moralized)
  12. Don’t let your hands be open to receive and be closed when you should give.(say no to stinginess)

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