FATE OF A DREAMER!(2 min read)

I wanted to write a post on this topic, but I was waiting for the right time to do that. Fortunately, I read a post which the writer put as a question. He asked; what is the difference between dream and reality? I responded to that question, but then realized that there are many things I will love to put into writing about this topic, so that was what prompted me to go ahead in writing this post and this could be the right time anyway😅. But something unexpected happened; after writing the post, I was planning to publish it today, but since I was having some issues with my WP admin. I decided to delete it and then downloaded new one. My eyes opened when I checked my draft and found nothing inside. I have about fifteen posts(15) waiting to be published, but unfortunately; I lost all of them. Well, it was terrible because i couldn’t believe my eyes, but still since am the writer of those posts, I will still write again. But first, I want to start with this one. Don’t forget to like and comment. Enjoy!😘

The foolish are deceived by vain and false hopes; dreams give them wings to fly. To rely on dreams is like grasping a shadow or chasing the wind. What you see in dreams is only reflections; a person sees his own image. Can something clean come from what is unclean? Can truth suddenly come out of what is false? 
Divinations, omens and dreams are empty, like fantasies of a woman in labour. Wake up and embrace reality! Unless dreams comes as a message from God, a Divine directions, like that of Joseph of the Old Testament in the Bible; if not, don’t pay attention to them. Dreams have led many people towards wrong directions; those who hoped in dreams have fallen.

Some people do dream where they’re the wealthiest person on the face of the earth of which people do bow before them. They live in luxurious house, drive expensive cars and eat sumptuous meals. While in real life, they live in a small hut because they can’t afford a good house for shelter. They trek 100 miles twice a day just to get to their working place just because they can’t afford transport fare, and their job might be washing of toilets and bathrooms in local restaurants. They only eat one square meals everyday, just because they can’t afford two to three a day. If someone mistakingly wake them up from such dream, they will feel like tearing the person into pieces like hungry lioness. They will end up labeling the person enemy of progress. Let me ask; is it in the dream your progress lies? Why can’t you wake up and face the reality?

Sleeping around and dreaming about luxurious life day after day while in the essence you have nothing will not suddenly bring you any good, it will only end you up in ruin. Wake from your slumber and focus on the reality!
When you dream without getting inspired and empower yourself to do something great, it means you’re living in a world that never existed. You can’t achieve your goals in the dream. Work hard to achieve what you can see and be proud of, not what you can only enjoy but later find out that it never existed(dreams). Dreamers are the laziest people ever liveth. They believe in what that never and can never happen.
There is no more time to waste. The clock is ticking every second and day comes day goes. What will you leave as a legacy when you’re no more? Do you want to fold hands and do nothing? You will end up endangering your generations to come. Wake up! Fight like others and never believe in fantasies. 

Don’t let imaginations become your everlasting hope.


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