“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 

Stand out of the crowd!

To be a hero, you must do something great that worth the name: Hero. You can’t simply fold your hands and expect to be known as a hero. Stand out of the crowd! It doesn’t matter whether you’re different, since you are on the right track, never allow anyone to discourage or intimidate you! 

You have to do something extraordinary. Achieve what someone else haven’t achieve; make a difference, make your own history. Be your own hero.

Dear friends, change the way you approach life and situations, do something new today, think great, write your name in the Guinness world book of records by doing something great💪. Be recognized by your flawless efforts! 

I will see👀 you on top☝!


8 thoughts on “CREATE A HISTORY!

  1. I disagree, the idea of a hero being a person who does extraordinary thing is just pop culture. Sometimes its just about doing what you are supposed to be doing, or accept responsibility when you are supposed to. Being a responsible father or mother is as good as it gets to being a hero.

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    1. Yeah, your opinion is cool, but yes; a hero is someone who does extraordinary things. On the fact of doing what you supposed to do, does not make you a hero because it’s your responsibility. Let’s take “Nelson Mandela” of South Africa as an example. It takes a bravery soul to do what he did for his people. And that makes him a Hero because he did Extraordinary thing…..

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    1. Yeah, everybody sees things in different perspective, so the way you understand the word “Hero” might be different from the way another person understands it. But I will still stick to it that, a Hero is someone who does extraordinary things….. Thanks for your contribution, am really grateful for your time….

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  2. Its all a matter of perspective, Gandhi was a hero to India and the rest of the world, but he wasn’t to his family because he was too busy serving the country. The same goes for Mandela.. Dig around long enough and you will find the dirt. It’s just that people tend to look the other way.

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    1. I know exactly what you’re saying. My post is kind of trying to make people work hard, in other to become great. I believe you understand the message I was trying to pass, and it might be only you that sees it the way you did, and sure many people will go straight to understand my message. But still, I appreciate your efforts to make your opinions and observations… Thank you once again…

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