I guess you will ask; is it by force? And again I will answer; Yes it is! Many of us want to make it in life, many want to be the best, but wait;  is it by mouth? Some of us are simply referred as; Easier said than done! 
Wake up!! It’s time to work, don’t remain in slumber!  I have made some research and found that most people accepted to remain adamant/inactive and tagged it their destiny or cross. Some actually want to wait for miracles to happen and then open their palms to receive the good tidings in the platter of gold. Shine your eyes! for the days of manners are over, and before you eat; you must work.

If you want to have a breakthrough in your business, company, studies and indeed in your life entirely; you must make a move🚶! I had a friend back then in my junior secondary school; he used to taking the last position almost every term in our class, and I usually got worried because he refused to change. I approached him several times to help him out, but he never wanted to improve. He ended in blaming his failure on his destiny. But he never read, he only play from morning till the closing time without making any impact on his improvement. He embraced failure and cuddled it as his best friend. I tried and tried; but to no avail. Until I left the school; he never changed. I decided to move forward without him, because if at all I continued with him; I would have gotten corrupted by him, and therefore became a victim of failure, but I conquered because I never choosed failure as my destiny or cross.

Make a move🚶! In fact run if possible🏃. Do you want to be trampled? Am sure you don’t like the idea; then make a move! Is your business crumbling? Do you lack contracts? Have your company gone bankrupt? Do you find studying too overwhelming? It’s time to make one step at a time….. “Come let us reason together”. Your effort is not yet enough: strive harder, don’t seat and wait for miracles to unveil, “activate the miracle instead”. “He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding”. You’re complaining of being depressed, while you’re the one  pressing yourself.

Stive hard to breakthrough all these valleys and that palace over there☝ will be your dwelling place!

Dear friends, you can break the yoke of failure out of your life, and breakthrough obstacles that limits your progress and success by making a strong decision to never stay idle( idle hands are devil’s workshop) and strengthen yourself in all angles. Breakthrough your enemies(failure)line, and massacre all their warlords(procrastination). With that you will be the greatest among all and you will emerge victorious…. 

Remember; don’t procrastinate this👈! Rejuvenate your strength💪…. I will see you on TOP☝!


5 thoughts on “YOU MUST BREAKTHROUGH👉!

  1. Great post. I agree that anybody could improve their way of living if they will too… and no one can help a person who do not want to be helped or who do not help themselves, no matter how much we try…

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