Lying to save lives?

Hello friends! I just want to get answers and your contributions to this question. Can you lie to save lives? Because I believe that God does not encourage us to lie. Even the ninth commandment says; Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbour!

In a situation between life and death, if the only option to save such person at that moment is to tell a lie; what will you do as a true believer who always obey the commandments of God? Will you tell the truth and let the person die? Or will you lie and let the person live?


25 thoughts on “Lying to save lives?

  1. Burshblog. You were brought up in a harsh country so know it better than most. If you had t tell a white lie to save hundreds would you not? It’s a tough call each one would have to make at that moment but here is another point, depending on the lie. Christ could have lied about his faith in order to save his life but he kept to his own truth.

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    1. Wow! I love this! Thanks for the lovely contribution, I was challenged with this, that’s why I need contributions from here because I knew that we have many scholars who can help out. On the side of Christ; he was on assignment and I don’t think we have to compare him with others because he himself is Lord. What he endured we humans can’t….


      1. true, but it’s an age old question, would you commit an immoral act if you knew it would save countless lives? Take for example the girls kidnapped by Boku Haram, they ask you if the girls are in that building, you think I cant lie it’s against my principles, and many lives are lost or ruined but on the other hand.

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      2. Thanks for sharing more light on this. On the aspect of the committing immoral act, there was a lady who approached a guy and was trying to preach repentance to him, he said until he sleeps with her that’s when he will accept Christ in his life. She went ahead to do that, and the guy began to attend services and also change; what will be her rewards?

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      3. Thank you for that, I also disagree with that act, she’s ignorant of the the repentance she preaches, you can’t draw someone to Christ with what is detested in the presence of God. And also there was no life at stake. Am grateful for your kind and positive contributions๐Ÿ˜‡

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  2. Aww, very interesting conversation going on here. Bursh, I was planning on doing a post with the same question in mind. Anyhow, I believe that it all depends on the circumstance and the situation. Because if I have to lie to save my child’s life I will, if I have to lie to save innocent people from dying I will. I believe that is why there is forgiveness because God is a God of love and understanding and I believe he will understand my motive for lying. Therefore, I would pray and ask for his forgiveness…don’t you think he would understand?

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    1. Thank you so much for your contribution. He will surely understand, but still remember that he detested even liars, and thinking of forgiving you before making that step could also be ignorant. One thing again; I believe that God allows temptation which the believer can overcome without disobeying his commandments.

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  3. I feel we live under grace .. no one could keep all the commandments which were more than ten.. that’s why Jesus came to do away with the law because no one could keep it.. so we live under and I know I have lied and it wasn’t to say anyone’s life but I also know I repent and know Jesus has forgiven me.. I think it’s in Romans where Paul talks about the law having no affect on us.. I don’t have verse or scripture but will find it .. if you like.. stay strong..

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      1. I would read all of Romans 6 .. I have read the whole ๐Ÿ“š it’s one of my favorites but anyway in Romans 6:14 “For sin shall not have dominion over you: for you are not under law but under grace.. Be blessed my friend..

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