Your soul lives on!(1 min read)

I was pondering over my past experiences, and how it seems as if I wasn’t moving with the momentum I supposed to. I was wondering whether I would have achieved more than I have achieved today. I was like; is this really the level I supposed to be by now? It worsened especially seeing how great some of my mates had achieved. On the process of my deep thoughts; I remembered one unforgettable tragedy that struck me so bad during my secondary school stage. It brought my senses back and taught me how to live without regrets, since there is life, there is hope.

It was six years ago when i lost one of my classmates, he was a very nice, gentle and loving young man, we were of the same age then. Well, we started together from jss1 and I left the school after our jss3 just because our school then was just offering commercial and arts subjects, and I was going for science course, that was why i left the school. Back then before I left the school; both of us were so fond of each other, he was more than a friend, in fact he was like a brother to me. The bond was too tight that no one could break. He used to play band in their church, so during break time we used to stay together and he would sing and play  some beats with sticks on the desk. He taught me one song and that song do rejuvenate his memory back to me. ( Something is happening in this world x2, if you go many place; you will see people dying, if you go many place; you will see people sicking, things I don’t like to do but I found myself doing that x2, help me Lord x2 Oh! Help me Lord”, hold my hands and lift me up Oh Lord! x2)

Oh death! I can’t stop weeping because the song really brought his memory back to me from A-Z as I was writing this grieve story. I couldn’t see clearly anymore, my android screen was full of tears, it was uncontrollable. It was as if it happened yesterday. 

The day we went for his burial was really terrible because i was just looking at him and began to have flashbacks of our moments together, it was as if he was sleeping but at the same time his stomach was swollen. I couldn’t believe my good friend(Promise Emecheta) is no more! Dear Promise, We will meet to part no more! I love you, but God loves you most. In loving memory of Promise Emecheta…. Your soul lives on😭😭😭😭😭😭
After remembering all these; I encouraged myself. I asked myself this question; what of my good friend Promise who died many years ago? Am still alive while he’s gone forever. Am I righteous than he was? I concluded; am gonna make you proud my good friend✊.

Dear friends, let’s continue to appreciate God for his kindness, and stop complaining about what we achieved and what we couldn’t or haven’t achieved. Remember there were those who died without achieving anything at all. Just do your best and leave the rest to God.

Since there is life, there is hope☝.


20 thoughts on “Your soul lives on!(1 min read)

  1. it definitely hurts losing someone, I had a first hand experience of it when I lost my younger sister to cancer. The most important thing certainly is moving on despite all odds. You’ll be amazed by how strong you really are at the end of the day. If it’s not too late, sorry bout your loss dear.

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    1. Thank you so much, it’s a pleasure to have you here… And also sorry for your own loss, we have to move on because life goes on…. I really appreciate your kind comments….


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