MY LIFE STORY( I survived and you too can survive!)(2 min read)

What a life, how does it feel to be the first born of a family? 

My village back in 1950s

It was so difficult because you have to Carter for all as the father does. It was early 1950s, I was a young man then. My father died as a hero because he was a great man. It was never easy because I have to be the father to my younger ones. We were three in number but I know how difficult it will be. My mom was also hardworking but you know how it feels to take care of three kids with little resources.

Nkanagu cement industry

I started searching for job, I was rejected by many people i approached for  job. It was as if everyone was against me and my family, and I looked devastated and useless. To God be the glory I eventually met one Mr Julius, he was a very wealthy man who was eager to help.He introduced me to the manager of Nkanagu cement industry back then. It was a relief to me because he got me a job after I narrated my story to him. Through his kindness I was able to  secure the job and helped my mom to Carter for our family, then I was 21 years old. I worked so hard and was able to support my mom to  pay my siblings school fees, I abandoned my own school just to fulfill that obligation as a father to my siblings. 
10 years later I was invited to attend one ceremony at Onitsha Anambra state, Nigeria. Well am also from Anambra state but the distance between Onitsha and my hometown wasn’t in anyway near. On the course of the ceremony I saw a very beautiful young girl, she’s fair in complexion and was full of smiles and shiny face; indeed she was like the princess i have been dreaming of. I stared at her as if she was the only Lady there. At a point she noticed me and reciprocated with a gaze, it was as if my happiness has arrived. It was very hard for me to make the decision to approach her. The spirit was willing while the courage was weak. When the ceremony was dying slowly, then I was about to lose her forever because I don’t think we can see each other again. I picked up courage to approach her and when I got there, her beauty was really incomparable. That was the first time of me speaking to a lady in such a romantic manner; it seems as if she was waiting for me to arrive. Everything went well because she allowed me to speak my mind. After the conversation, I collected her home address and she collected mine because we doesn’t have phone then. Later on I invited her to our house and introduced her to my mom and siblings; they liked her and my mom gave us her blessings.

The relationship got more intimate because we realized that we loved each other so much and that we were meant for each other. As years pass by we got more closer and closer. I proposed to her and  we got married. We were blessed with 2 boys and a girl. Our house was built with mud, and it was too small to accommodate us all. So I began to make some saves from my work and other businesses I attached myself to.

 I started the foundation of my house  exactly November 16 1975, that was after the 1967-1970 civil war. Life wasn’t that easy because the war was terrible, but i thanked God that we survived the tragic scene of civil war. I vowed to send my children to higher institution since I couldn’t make it during my own time. I trained my children to the university level in the University of Nigeria Nsukka(UNN) and they were very successful too. I continued striving hard until I became a successful business man. My children graduated with good grades, and they got good jobs; it was easier for them to secure jobs because I have gotten some connections by then. They got married and live happily. My siblings were successful too because I put them through. My mom is still very strong since I have been taking care of her. In fact we’re happy family.

You see their friends, life is never easy, but we have to always give our best to everything we are doing. If at all I gave up on the way to this journey of life; where will I be or even my siblings, mother and children. Weaknesses only detach us from achieving our goals in life. Never allow anything to distract you or weigh you down. I survived it and you too can also survive👉.

Am so happy to still have my beautiful and lovely wife beside me, my mother is very old, but strong. We’re really grateful to God for making us strong and healthy. Now I have my children and grandchildren all over, we’re praying for God to straighten our age so that we will see our great grandchildren😇.

What do you think about my fiction story? Does it sounds real? I need your comments and opinions because am not actually good at fiction, this is my first.


20 thoughts on “MY LIFE STORY( I survived and you too can survive!)(2 min read)

  1. I thought it was real and then I looked at your photo and thought, ‘Damn. He looks so young.’ This is a great story and if you are interested then start with the first day. I am sure you know The Famished Road Ben Okri and I forget the other writer Chris Achebi? good luck.

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  2. That narrative sounded too damn real! Even after knowing it’s fiction, I cant believe it’s a fiction😂
    If your dp was of some old man, you hadnt put that last para i guess no one could even guess it’s a fiction

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