Conduct your affairs with humility, and you will be loved by all. The greater you are, the more you should humble yourself, and you will find favour with God and man. Do not seek what is beyond your powers, nor search for what is beyond your ability. Just make sure you do the right thing; there is no need for you to know things that are hidden.
Do not meddle in matters that are beyond you, since the knowledge you already have goes beyond human understanding. Many people have been led towards a wrong path by their own notions, and false pretension has undermined their reason. Without eyes there is no sight, and where there is no knowledge, there is no wisdom. The stubborn heart will eventually fall into evil; anyone who loves danger will perish in it.

The obstinate will not escape suffering; the suffering of a proud heart has no cure, because the root of evil are planted into them. A humble heart is a blessing to his/her generation.

Have you been living a life of pride, today is the right day for amendment. Blessed are those who are humble of heart, for they shall inherit the earth. Those who are humble, protects their own lives. For what shall you gain by raising your shoulders, if all the strong men raises their shoulders, you will be no where to be found. Humility is the best way to greatness, associate yourself with those with humble of hearts.

Peace, harmony, joy and happiness; are the possession of the humble of heart.


2 thoughts on “HUMILITY!

    1. Mmm, thanks for dropping by Bro. You’re right about that, but no matter how much they hide their pride, what will bring it out will certainly come. It’s always great to hide your pride and forget it in the process, by doing that no consequence will befall upon you.


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