Prudence and Common sense!

Don’t argue with powerful people, or else you will fall into their hands. Be careful not to quarrel with rich people, or else they will throw their weight into the scale against you; for gold has dazzled many, and has perverted the minds of kings. Don’t argue with talkative people; don’t pour fuel into their fire. Don’t joke with unfamiliar people, for fear that your ancestors will be insulted. 
Learn not to judge anyone because of one mistake or the other, remember that no one is perfect. Try not to despise those who are old, because all of us will grow old. Don’t rejoice at the death of anyone, remember that we all shall die.
Try harder not to neglect the teaching of the wise, but apply yourself well to their precepts. Through them you will learn how to live and how to serve the great. Don’t ignore the teachings of the elders, because they also learnt it from their fathers; they will open up your understanding and enable you to reply at the right moment.

Be careful not to annoy angry minds, for they might twist your words to their advantage. Be wise not to lend to those more powerful than yourself; if you mistakingly lend to them, consider it as lost, for they will try to intimidate you with their power and authority. Don’t ever stand surety beyond your means; if you have done so, be ready to pay. Remember not to go to law against a judge, because, due to his position, judgement will be in his favour. 

Don’t quarrel with people of bad-temper, nor get involved with them in a lonely place; for bloodshed is like nothing to them, and they will attack when you are defenceless. don’t seek advice from fools, because they will lead you astray. Don’t act secretly before  strangers, because you don’t know how they will react. Don’t reveal your secrets to everyone, because no one can be fully trusted.

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