Think before you Act!

Second ThoughtsThis is really serious! I can’t even imagine how people think. Inhumane has become peoples way of life, compassion is now thing of past. Who really made us the judge? Jungle justice has become the new way of passing sentence in some parts of my country. On the 12th October 2012. Four students from the University of Port Harcourt, in southern Nigeria, were burned alive by locals who accused them of being thieves. A horrific video of the scene has since surfaced online, angering their classmates, some of whom reportedly decided to get revenge by setting fire to the part of town where the young men were killed.

This practice is really barbaric, some people still continues this way… This kind of act has been reported severally. I don’t really know the kind of heart some people possess, they’re (Carnivorous) in human flesh. So many people have sold their souls to devil, because I can’t believe that normal human being can act such way.
Sometimes I do say; if people do think like me, I think the world will be conducive for us all. I don’t quickly react to actions, instead I think it over before taking a step. Let’s continually think things over before we do something stupid! Such mistakes had been made by many, which ends up ruining their lives or the lives of others. Human sympathy should be our priority, what shall we gain from killing/hurting one another?

Always have a second Thoughts before you make any move, it will also help you to avoid mistakes or even save you from loss.Try to have a second Thoughts, am sure with that you will know how to deal with some situations. Second Thoughts is a way of reasoning whether what we’re about to do is right or wrong. Patience is really what we all need, with patience we can be able to hold on and then think things over before we act.

Cultivate the act of thinking things over before you make any move, am sure with that you can avoid mistakes and regrets, from that you will make the world a better place. Think wisely, you will be glad you did at the end.


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