A gentle word makes many friends, and a courteous tongue calls forth gracious replies. Let your friends be many, but your counsellors be one in a million! Before you make someone your friend, begin by testing the person, and don’t put your confidence in the person too quickly. There are friends who are good when it favours them, but they don’t remain faithful when you’re in misfortune.
There are friends who become an enemy, they will try to bring shame to you, by making your dispute known in the public. Some friends do wine and dine with you, but does not remain faithful when things go against you. When things are going well in your life, they will become your shadow, they will be giving orders as if they’re your caretaker. But whenever you’re humiliated, they will turn against you and will avoid meeting with you.

Stay away from your enemies, and be careful about your friends. A faithful friend is a secure refuge; if you eventually find one, it means you have secured a treasure. Faithful friends are beyond all prices; regard them as PRICELESS. Faithful friends are life-saving remedy, and those who possess good heart will find one.

Anyone who leads a good life, will certainly make good friends, (show me your friends and I will tell you who you’re). Have you been a bad friend towards your good friends, it’s time for amendment, remember that whatever you sow shall you reap, be good and you will be blessed!


4 thoughts on “TRUE FRIENDSHIP!

    1. Yeah, that’s in some cases, because some enemies strikes in camouflage, remember how chameleon attacks its prey, which means; you might be closer but at some points you might get distracted, so when they attack, you might not know, but if you’re far away from them, before they will attack, you will escape.

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  1. Very wise words spoken from such a young person. I must say that I’m impressed and love how your words dance on the page as a wealth of truth and promise.. Keep up the good work, and Thanking you kindly for your continued visits to my own blog.. Have a most delightful week ahead… Take care, Laura

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