Relish your Words/Thoughts!

Consider others before you speak

Relish It’s time to relish your thoughts, it’s time to relish your words. Some words sometimes are too strong/harsh to digest, especially when it’s not properly cooked, some raw words are usually itchy. Let’s take unripe (Pineapple & Cashew) as an example, you will only make yourself uncomfortable when you insisted on eating these fruits when they’re not yet ripened.

That’s exactly how it becomes uncomfortable when you use unripened/ unpleasant words. The ears that hears it will become uncomfortable, which might end up hurting or cause harm to the person you addressed the word to. (Out of the abundant of the heart, the mouth speaks). Relish your thoughts in other to bring out a relished words. A bad tree cannot bring out a good fruit, like wise how a good tree cannot bring out a bad fruit. 

Try to always put yourself in someone else shoes, what kinds of words do hurt you most? Most you use such word on someone else? Remember how it hurts whenever it’s being used on you! Let’s learn how to repay bad with good, what are we going to benefit from hurting one another, Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Your words determines your thoughts, bad words can destroy your good Reputations, don’t let people know you as a person of bad words. Meditate on each word before you say it, do not be fast during conversations, because you might end up using raw (unpleasant) words.

 Make your words delicious like a well prepared meal, anyone who comes across it will never go hunger. You will be honoured by those who hear your words, and your rewards will certainly be great. 

Your words and thoughts affect your life. Learn to use them in the right way and your life will improve.

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