Sincerity!! (1 min read) 

Sincerity is the way to your future success!

Sincere What more can I say? Sincerity of heart is what makes you great in life, make yourself to be known as a man/woman of truth. Sincerity brings about honour, respect, and so on, when you continue living in sincerity, you will hardly have problems with people around you, instead it will increase your dignity.
Leading life of lies is like digging your own grave. When you throw a ball against a wall, what do you think that will happen at that moment? Of course the ball will definitely bounce back. 

That’s exactly the reward of insincerity, you might be swimming in lies for over 7 years, and was successful through your insincerity those years, but remember the consequences might damage your entire success of 7 years in just under a month. 

I haven’t seen any good that comes out of insincerity. Are you the type that makes empty promises? It’s time to amend your ways because it can end you up in ruin. 

I hardly make promises or make pledges , because I don’t know what tomorrow might bring which might end up labeling me as a lier. 

The time is now! Learn to walk in sincerity, so that you will not manufacture your enemies from your own actions! 


24 thoughts on “Sincerity!! (1 min read) 

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Yes exactly, we need to always be conscious of our actions, when the bad records become much, it will really leave the person in darkness, where no one will come to his/her rescue.


  1. Well said. I particularly like the words on the house…”Speak the truth even if your voice shakes”…one can always tell when sincerity is being used. Totally agree with you! Looking forward to reading more. 🙂

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  2. Loved this post. I couldn’t agree more. I never make promises just like you, you don’t know what tomorrow will bring something’s are out of your hand so making such promises and breaking them just discredits you. But if I ever do make a promise I make sure come rain or shine I keep it! A pet peeve of mine is people not sticking to their word if they say they will do something.

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