Stay away from trouble!! (40 seconds read) 

Bludgeon It happened one evening, when I used to hang out with some friends, that was about 10 years ago. We were having fun and also engaged in a serious conversation, at a point it seems that it has turned into an argument. This argument continued until one of my aggressive friend began to threaten me so badly, the fun turned into a quarrel… I was calm because I knew where the whole thing is going. Before I could understand what was going on, it has turned into a real fight.

 I hate weapons and I don’t fight with weapons, we were sitting with plastic chairs then, and the aggressive one grabbed one of the chairs and hit me so badly and it was really painful. I ran without looking back, Managed to find my way home, I sustained minor injuries on my wrist because I used it to wage the chair. I treated the wound and went straight to bed without a second thought, because it was a very bad evening for me. 

Since that day, I learnt my lesson, not to engage in any form of argument, and also to stay away with such aggressive friends because I don’t really know whether something worst might happen on the process….. 


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