My past failure and how I moved on…  

My life was full of failure and awkwardness some years back. This failure continued without me finding the solution to my problems. It caused me sleepless nights, every night was like an afternoon to me. When others were sleeping I was always awake because I couldn’t find where my failure was actually from. One fateful night, when I was awake full of thoughts as usual. I was staring at the ceiling fan as it went on with its regular duty of rotation. At that point, I began to have a flashback of my past achievements and then I realized how poor it was. I added and subtracted all the years that had gone by, and I was totally ashamed of myself for not achieving anything all those past years. 

I then asked myself this question; Is this how am gonna make the world a better place? Oh! I had been aspiring to be a great help to people around me and beyond…. It was terrible because I knew that I have a lot to work on. I wept bitterly all through that night for achieving nothing. 

After some hours of weeping, I asked myself;What will I benefit from weeping and thinking? I picked up courage and said to myself;Since there is life, there is hope. 
I started working hard from that day onwards. Today, am pleased with my little achievements. I haven’t achieved all my goals yet, but am striving hard to fulfill my dreams. 

Hope to hear from you…. Share your thoughts if necessary.


12 thoughts on “My past failure and how I moved on…  

  1. I find this post very inspirational.. Meaningful content has always been very close to my heart. I try to understand every bit of human emotion , their successes , their failures, long-standing, sacrifices.. since I have overcome a lot of gloomy & murky elements in my life. I have a shadowy side yet owing to a brightened phase of life which comes in a small bit of parcel unknown.. This article of yours brought me in a deep pensive mood & is quite captivating & thoughtful..

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    1. Thanks so much for dropping by and also for reading my post and for commenting, I appreciate it and am grateful…. Life is always like that, but still we have to o find strength and move on….

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