The Tragic scene 

I haven’t seen such a scene all my life until last week when it happened in my present. A bus carrying a trader with life cat fish ran all the way from a very high hill towards the other hill which is where my business shop is.  it happened that the brakes seized to hold. 

I can’t believe my eyes because the bus was running dragging a bike along. The bus hit the bike from behind and luckily the rider jumped off the bike, should if the bike rider didn’t jump off the bike, he would have lost his life because the bus dragged the bike all the way. 

It happened that it stopped in front of my shop but before then, it hit a car which pulled it back and then decelerate and hit another stationary car parked on the side of the road, that’s where it stocked. 

The point where the bus stocked

There was no life lost anyway , but the bike rider sustained minor injuries. 

The bike rider with minor injuries

I wanted to share this that very last week when it happened, but I decided to leave it for another day which happens to be today, it means today is lucky. ☺️
Have you ever seen such tragic moment in your present before? Comment and share your thoughts and stories…. 

i know that my story is not that  interesting, but you might have interesting stories to share on the same aspect…. 


8 thoughts on “The Tragic scene 

  1. A similar incident happened to me a while ago. When I was cycling for tuition, even though I was on two wheelers lane, this car came and hit me from behind. I was literally in air for a few seconds and then landed on the middle of the road. The car driver didn’t stop, but a few good men stopped the traffic and helped me to the foot path and washed my minor injuries. I developed a fear of cycling on roads but I eventually overcame it!! So happy ending 😃

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    1. Wow! Sorry for the incident, and it’s great as you have overcame the fear of cycling, things do happen but we won’t take that as an excuse to give up, thanks to those good people that helped you up, and am also grateful to God that it’s just a minor injuries…

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