Dangerous Rodents 

Dangerous Rodents

I can’t believe what I saw! . There was a time when I began to notice a crack on the floor of my business shop. When the crack continues, I started wondering what might be the problem. It got to a point when the affected areas began to sink slowly, it was then I decided to call a bricklayer. 
When the floor was broken by the bricklayer in other to know what might caused the sudden crack and sink. Surprisingly, all the floors has been dugged large holes all over. It was terrible. 

You would ask, what dug the holes? It’s actually Rodents (RAT) precisely. The ones in my area are so dangerous because they usually made their ways into my shop in other to destroy my goods. From the biggest to the smallest, there is no limit to their dangerousness. They destroy according to their sizes and they usually make their destroying acts (job Weldon) I wonder where they derived their strengths from because they can do undo. 
Don’t give a way to Rodents in your house because when you welcome them, they will become your landlord. When they attack, they don’t show mercy. 

Their attack is usually ruthless like nuclear weapons. They can finish goods that worth so much money in just a night. The most fascinating facts about them  is that, they only make someone’s life miserable because they will actually attack on expensive goods in the way that no one will be able to purchase it. And the most annoying part of it is that they don’t eat some of them but they will always want to render the goods useless and unprofitable. 

Stop Rodents because they’re ruthless 

Tips to avoid them(Rodents) entering into your house or business areas :

  1. Use cement or call bricklayers to come and check out the four corners of your houses/business shops whether there is hole where Rodents can penetrate from. 
  2. Use Rodenticides to kill any suspected ones because like play like play, they will call their relatives along. 
  3. Make sure that there is no hidden  places, because they will come and hide unaware and then operates gradually. 
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