Stop! Complaining… 

There are many you are far better than. 
Life teaches a lesson which will be very difficult to forget. Complaints  has become a very big slogans to many people, especially those who even see what to eat or drink. 

Move out and see what others are passing through. Take a stroll down to the hospitals, orphanage homes and see to yourself what is going on over there. Destitutes are so many, which they don’t have those to quench their hunger. Many are suffering everywhere, some don’t even know where to lay their heads when sun sets.

 Be grateful to God for who you are, share to those who doesn’t have. Feed the hungry, cloth the neckeds, shelter those who doesn’t have homes, visit the sick in the hospitals, visit the prisoners. 

Complaints only brings down the spirit and make you feel less important. Never let your challenges deprive your happiness, remember that you are better than millions of people out there and there are so many people looking for just (once in a day)  meal in other to satisfy their hunger while you eat three square meal everyday and also sleep comfortably on a well dressed bed. 

I encourage you today to start living a life away from complaints and always remain grateful to God for making you who you are today. 


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