My locally made Shoe Rack


My locally made Shoe Rack

Few years back….. 

There was a time when our old apartment was no more conducive and convenience to live in. We then made a decision to move to a new one. it was really tough to get a good place which will be in the class we really needed. 

It was a great task I must say because it was hard to get a place with the quality and taste we needed. Fortunately we finally got a very nice apartment with wide space, it was a dream come true.
At that point we started renovating the apartment in other to bring the appearance up to our own taste. It took almost two months to renovate the apartment because there was loads of work needed to be done.

Meanwhile when the work was still on, I checked out my room and noticed a big challenge when it comes to space. Though the apartment was very wide enough but unfortunately, my room wasn’t big enough. The most challenging part of it was how and where to keep my shoe Rack because it was going to occupy a lot of space and my room wasn’t big enough to contain it since shoes aren’t the only properties I had. My TV shelf wasn’t far from my wardrobe and my plan was to keep the Shoe Rack in between the shelf and the wardrobe in a way that the door of my wardrobe can easily be opened . I just needed a small rack to place some of my shoes, especially the ones I do wear often, then I will carefully keep the other ones in my wardrobe for occasional use. 

Between my shelf and my wardrobe

I got worried but then I started thinking on what to do next. As the renovation was going on, I spotted some wood  materials which would be helpful to me, then I began to plan on how to build a portable but nice Shoe Rack. 

I viewed my old Shoe Rack and then looked at my mom’s shoe Rack and also my sister’s own.  I decided to go with the same style as my sister’s shoe Rack because it was portable and can easily be made.

My mom’s Shoe Rack


My sister’s Shoe Rack

Luckily, I spotted some wood materials which the renovators were using, I took some of their idole tools and started cutting, joining and nailing the woods together which I was able to make up a shape I really needed.

I was very happy to create such a structure though am not a carpenter but it was exactly how I wanted it.
When the work was done, I thought it was over but I didn’t know that there was still a work to be done in other for it to be a good finished. I looked at it and realized how local it looked like. it seems as if I was wasting my time on building the Shoe Rack.
But wait!  Eureka!! I exclaimed. I found the solution to my worries.
What solution was I talking about? it was a new idea that came into my mind, the Rack needed a retouch and also a new look. At that point, painters were already painting the apartment, so I took the opportunity since I had already chosen the colour to be painted in my room,(lemon green). I decided to use the same colour for my Shoe Rack. it became a chameleon on it’s camouflage state.


My locally made Shoe Rack with few shoes on it

I was so excited to have finally found the solution to create a new portable Shoe Rack. It was a mission accomplished and I was happy to make use of my locally made  shoe Rack and also for creating a space for other properties to be put In place.

What is your view on my carpentry discovery?


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