Your past inspires your future 

Make a reflection of your past

Take a nap while checking out your ugly and sweet past. 

For so many peoplethe past is gone. Think twice in other to make sure whether to forget your past or to keep it close to you. Some people might think that am crazy, oh yes many will definitely think that am mad. 

I have to clear things up before it turns out to be the fact. Hear me out please! The fact that you had an ugly past doesn’t mean that you have to forget about it entirely. 

Your past is your teacher! oh yes I mean what am saying, in fact your past is your director!  because it carefully directs your present to your future. what am I trying to say? Let’s take a look at this brief example;you are about embarking on a journey and you remember that same route which nearly cost you your life the previous week you travelled for the same assignment, will you continue through the same route? No of course, you will carefully look for a safer route to your journey. 

Save your past for your future. 

Your past can save your present and guide you to your future. 
Never do away with your past whether bitter or sweet. It will direct you when you are taking a new step. If your past was ugly and bitter, keep it in your memory so that you can avoid what brought it into your life. The same way you will keep your sweet past in other for you to remember what lead you to your beautiful memories. 

As a drug addict, you might have been struggling to get out of that deadly lifestyle, after many years of struggles, you finally locate a rehabilitation center, when you’re finally cleansed, will you forget how you got yourself into that mess? No of course the memory lives on, and that same ugly memory will save you and people around you from being enslaved by the same past, which means when you come across the same route of destruction, you will definitely stay clear and let your loved ones know how ugly that road is. 

Hope you land where I landed? Stay safe and remain inspired. Your past is very important to your present and future. 

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