Showcase your 💡 light

Shine on

Taking a look at the life of the ☀ (sun).    Life is exactly what you think it is. How you see yourself matters a lot in this voyage of life. One busy afternoon, I just sited the sun, then I begin to imagine. 
I started imagining how powerful the sun is. No necked eyes can actually look into the sun, it’s rays is so much overwhelming, in fact you know how the sun showcases it’s power especially to those located at the equator of the earth. 

The sun has no limitations, the fact that rains do come and go doesn’t mean that the sun is a weak link at that particular moment, that shows there is time for everything. The time of the rain is meant for the rain and the time for the sun is also meant for the sun. 

The ☀ gives strength to the garden and makes the 🌱 (seeds)  germinate. Whenever sun shines, darkness automatically disappears. When is dawn, there is always smiles on many faces because they’re fully assured that sun will shine. 

Take a look at the sun and change your dark vision to a powerful shining sun.

Imagine your previous vision and know whether it’s likened to that of the sun. Sit out and take a view of the sun, check out those darkneses you have been in for a long time. Take a drastic measures to ensure that you live up to expectations. 

Make a step today and never let your past ruin your beautiful future. Your dreams entails where you are going, as powerful as the sun shall you shine forth. One step forward leads to many positive future. 

Think big, dream big, hope big and work hard. Your hardwork determines how great you will become. 

Live a life like sun and never allow any darkness of failure to obstruct your rays. 


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